When considering an investment in LED technology, it’s important to understand why it is such a prudent investment. In short, the primary variables which contribute to the large savings achieved by switching to LED lights are the EFFICACY and the LIFESPAN.

Efficacy is the ratio of light produced to energy consumed (or lumens per watt). It’s measured by the number of lumens produced (sometimes referred to as brightness or light output), divided by the rate of energy consumption. LEDs can produce 2-3 times the efficacy of fluorescent and 6-10 times that of an incandescent, combined with a 2-3x longer lifespan than fluorescents and a 20x longer lifespan than incandescents.

The increased efficacy of solid-state technology allows for less electricity costs, and also no ballasts. This efficiency coupled with the increased lifespan allows our customers to see a payback on their initial investment within 2 to 5 years due to electricity and maintenece savings (depending on how long the lights are being used and the light type switching from).