LED T5 Tube
LED T5 Tube
LED T5 Tube

Product Code Beam Input Voltage System Power Color Temperature Lumen C R  I Dimension (mm)
DC-T5-600-7W 120° AC220-240 7W 3000/4000/6000K 560Lm >80Ra 600*22.5*34
DC-T5-600-10W 120° AC220-240 10W 3000/4000/5700K 800Lm >80Ra 600*22.5*34
DC-T5-1200-14W 120° AC220-240 14W 3000/4000/5700K 1120Lm >80Ra 1202*22.5*34
DC-T5-1200-20W 120° AC220-240 20W 3000/4000/5700K 1600Lm >80Ra 1202*22.5*34
  • LED T5 Tube are beautifully designed florescent tubes that are also solid in state – No glass breakage.
  • Elegantly designed tubes consuming less energy compared to the other tubes.
  • Available in different power depending on the product series.
  • Ideally fits well indoors in classrooms, hospitals, restaurants, offices etc.
  • Cost-effective and sustainable with long life-span.