LED Bulb E27
LED Bulb E27 LED Bulb E27 LED Bulb E27
LED Bulb E27

Product Code Beam Input Voltage System Power Color Temperature Lumen C R  I Dimension (mm)
DC-A60-5W 180° AC170-250V 5W 3000/4000/6000K 400Lm >75Ra Φ60*107
DC-G45-5W 160° AC100-220V 10W 3000/4000/5700K 830Lm >80Ra Φ60*112
DC-G40-5W 240° AC220-240V 5W 2700K/4000K/5700K 350Lm >80Ra Φ41*80
DC-G40-3.5W 240° AC220-240V 3.5W 2700K/4000K/5700K 250Lm >80Ra Φ41*80
  • LED Bulbs are available in 4 different dimensions and system power.
  • Saves 60% energy compared to incandescent bulbs.
  • Color rending is more than 75 A thus making high brightness level.
  • Beam angle between 160 degrees to 240 degrees depending on the product chosen.
  • Long life-span – 30,000 hours.