Curtain LED Display
Curtain LED Display Curtain LED Display Curtain LED Display
Curtain LED Display

Parameter   Value Unit
Application Outdoor Building-Covered Advertising
Transparency 24%
Weight 38kg / m² mm
Pixel Pitch 20mm nit
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B mm
Unit Size 1280 x1280 mm
Luminosity ≥7000cd/m² kg
Visual Angle Horizontal 110° ( 50% Brightness )
Vertical 50° ( 50% Brightness )  mm
Contrast 1000:1 pixels
White Balance Color temperature 6500 + 300 K pixels/sq.m.
Resolution 2500 pixel / m² Hz
Scanning Mode static level
Processing Depth 14 bit Billion
Date Refresh Rate ≥800 Hz  deg.
Total colors 4.398trillion
Power Supply AC 90V ~264 V  W/sq.m.
Working Voltage DC 5V V
Power Consumption Max ≤560 W / m² °C
Average ≤170W / m²
Ingress Protection front/back IP 67 / IP 44
Lifetime of the LED 100000 H
mean time between failures 5000 H
Ambient Temperature -20 ~ +50 °C
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90%


Benefits of Curtain LED BC20S

  • Curtain LED BC20S Transparency level of 24% along with high resolution up to 2500 pixel is easily adjustable at night.
  • The viewing angle is 110 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically and can also be adjusted accordingly to fit the best clarity.
  • Average power consumption is low saving your bills.
  • Does not affect the internal natural lighting thus not affecting the buildings.